Slain Gay Soldier’s Case Slows a General’s Rise

“The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee has delayed for the second time a vote on the promotion of an Army general who commanded a base where a gay soldier was beaten to death by a fellow soldier. The delay gives the committee more time to consider the general’s responsibility for what happened.

Maj. Gen. Robert T. Clark was commander of Fort Campbell, Ky., in 1999, when Pfc. Barry Winchell, 21, was bludgeoned to death in his barracks at the end of a beer-soaked evening.


Private Winchell’s mother, Patricia Kutteles …said that he should not be promoted. “He doesn’t have the command authority or responsibility,” Mrs. Kutteles said. “The promotion would be another obstacle in the way of everything we have tried to do to honor our son.” NY Times