The Unsinkable Molly Ivins Strikes Again:

Not Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction a Crucial Detail: I’m actually already bored by press coverage of the Weapons of Mass Disappearance, (Frustrated, US Arms Teams to Leave Iraq, Washington Post) but Ivins has other fish to fry as well:

“We ought to be beating our chests every day. We ought to look in a mirror and be proud, and stick out our chests and suck in our bellies, and say, ‘Damn, we’re Americans!’ ” — Jay Garner, retired general and the man in charge of the American occupation of Iraq.

Thus it is with a sense of profound relief that one hears the news that Garner is about to be replaced by a civilian with nation-building experience. I realize we have all been too busy with the Laci Peterson affair to notice that we’re still sitting on a powder keg in Iraq, but there it is. In case you missed it, a million Iraqi Shiites made a pilgrimage to Karbala, screaming, “No to America!”

Funny how media attention slips just at the diciest moments. I doubt the United States was in this much danger at any point during the actual war. Whether this endeavor in Iraq will turn out to be worth the doing is now at a critical point, and the media have decided it’s no longer a story. Boy, are we not being served well by American journal- ism.