FCC Giveaway to Media Oligarchs in Impending Broadcast Overhaul:

F.C.C. Prepares to Loosen Rules on Media Ownership: “The government proposed the most significant overhaul of its media ownership rules in a generation today, including a change that would allow television networks to own enough local stations to reach 90 percent of the nation’s viewers.

That change— a result of increasing the cap on ownership and simultaneously preserving a 1980’s formula that discounts the reach of UHF stations — is part of the package of proposals that officials said appeared to have the support of the Republican majority of the Federal Communications Commission.” NY Times The vote will be along strict party lines, it seems, and in the same kind of doublespeak we’re getting used to in the foreign policy arena, is promoted as encouraging free airwaves. Is Colin Powell proud of son Michael? [thanks, Abby, who suggested I put this blink in the “It Can’t Happen Here” Dept. of FmH]