The NYPD’s New Beat:

Who do you hire to police a country recently ruled by a neo-Stalinist dictator, whose cops were little more than thugs with badges, and whose army was recently at war with the very forces now issuing their marching orders? If you’re the U.S. State Department looking to police Iraq, you hire Dyncorp, a scandal-ridden U.S. military contractor with ties to the CIA and the NYPD.

Much controversy surrounds the recent $22 million contract awarded to Dyncorp Aerospace Operations (UK) Ltd. to “re-establish police, justice, and prison functions” in Iraq. Over the past decade, Dyncorp has been accused of everything from running an illegal sex ring in Bosnia to killing children in Equador as part of “Plan Colombia.”

The company is also under fire for its connections to the strife-wracked NYPD.

According to the New York Post, “The State Department is looking for present and former NYPD cops willing to help restore order to Iraq by rebuilding and training new police departments.” Though the search is nationwide, the article reports that Dyncorp, which is spearheading the search, is “especially interested in [hiring] present and former Big Apple law enforcers.” The estimated salary for the officers is $80,000 a year.

Yet an NYPD deployment to Iraq would be only the latest international adventure for what is rapidly becoming the world’s leading globalized police force. Indypendent