It’s the Ferocity, Stupid:

How Democrats Can Beat Bush in 2004:

Michael S. Dukakis served with honor in the U.S. Army for two years. Three decades later, he was ridiculed for riding in a tank while wearing a helmet and a goofy grin. George W. Bush, a simian-faced draft dodger, hitches a ride to an aircraft carrier decked out in full “Top Gun” regalia and CNN calls dubs him our “warrior president.”

Life isn’t fair to the Democrats. No matter how much they suck up to corporate CEOs, they can’t compete for contributions with Republicans who invite their backers to write legislation. Most registered voters are Democrats, but too many are disloyal swing voters and apathetic no-shows to assure victory. And even when Dems do win the most votes, cheating Republicans bully their way into office.

As things stand, Dems seem poised to get their collective ass kicked in ’04. While unified Republicans aren’t even bothering to hold presidential primaries next year, nine small-time Democrats are vying for the chance to take on a ruthless incumbent with bottomless pockets. Democratic frontrunners include Joe Lieberman, a wet-lipped whiner, right-wing even by Republican standards; John Kerry, a wild-eyed, helmet-haired war waffler doomed to Dukakian disaster in November; and John Edwards, a rich southerner capable of beating Bush if DNC insiders could see past his dark trial lawyer past. But it’s still early. Hard as it is to believe now, one of these guys could win. After all, Bill Clinton emerged from a similar clutch–the “seven dwarves”–in 1992. — Ted Rall, Yahoo!

Also: The Moral Imperative: “(UCBerkeley linguistics professor) George Lakoff says that conservatives know how to influence voters, and Democrats haven’t a clue. It’s all in their language.” TomPaine