North Korea Intensifies War of Words With U.S.,   threatens pre-emptive strike against the US. NY Times The dysadministration response is to dismiss the threats as the usual North Korean rhetoric. While it probably is bluster, it misses the point . The Bush war-fighting doctrine abandons restraint in embracing such options as preemption (i.e. starting wars), suggesting the permissibility of tactical nuclear weapon use, military provocation before exhausting skillful diplomatic approaches, and unilateralism in defiance of world opinion. This is sure to be cited as a precedent by other rogue states [If it isn’t clear, I mean rogue states other than the U.S. —FmH] with the capability and recklessness to act on their threats even if North Korea does not, and the U.S. will never see its responsibility for the lawlessness that follows, just as it is taboo to explore its responsibility for being targeted by radical Islamist terrorist wrath.