Essential Sources in the Scientific Study of Consciousness ed. by Bernard J. Baars, William P. Banks, and James B. Newman: “Consciousness is at the very core of the human condition. Yet only in recent

decades has it become a major focus in the brain and behavioral sciences.

Scientists now know that consciousness involves many levels of brain

functioning, from brainstem to cortex. The almost seventy articles in this book

reflect the breadth and depth of this burgeoning field. The many topics covered

include consciousness in vision and inner speech, immediate memory and

attention, waking, dreaming, coma, the effects of brain damage, fringe

consciousness, hypnosis, and dissociation.

Underlying all the selections are the questions, What difference does

consciousness make? What are its properties? What role does it play in the

nervous system? How do conscious brain functions differ from unconscious ones?

The focus of the book is on scientific evidence and theory.”