It ain’t your mama’s software:

Dead Man’s Switch, inspired by the locomotive hardware of the same name, is a piece of hardware which, if you ever fail to do the periodic reset it demands of you, will embark on a series of tasks you have decided upon in the event of your demise, such as sending out emails or posting to internet newsgroups the news of your passing, and password-encrypting sensitive files on your computer (to which you’ve presumably left the password with those you intend to see those files). The New York Times wrote about it in May, 2002, and Wired in June:

” The man in charge of archiving and maintaining electronic copies of Norway’s most important historical documents is dead and so is access to those archives.

So the director of the Norwegian cultural center is pleading for hackers to help him crack the center’s password-protected database. “

Anyone know if the Norwegians ever got their database decrypted? [Of course, the Dead Man’s Switch developer wouldn’t publicize it if it had…] Update: Yes

. [thanks Walker]

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