The World According to Google:

Blogdex says this paean by Steven Levy to the ‘online Oracle of Delphi’ is one of the most-blinked pieces in the weblog sphere, but IMHO it probably has nothing new to say to any of my readers. MSNBC

And here’s what the world is using the Oracle to look for — movies, pop stars, tv shows, gaming, and ikea — that about covers the top twenty queries. I had never heard of the subjects of a number of them and, even after checking out several of them, I still don’t know what they refer to. For example, here is Google’s translation of a page about something called Loft Story:

Veiled the martyrdom is finished, you finally will be able to look at again Correspondent Special Thursday evening. Thomas loupé the walk of prides LGBT but leaves victorious season 2 of the loft, accompanied on the road by universal glory by the Karine floorcloth , outside it rains of the shit.

Without surprised the survey of this site gave the 2 names of gaining, thus confirming that you were right and that you are a beautiful band of assholes.

This site is declared died by smothering scathodic officially, the burial having already taken place during the 12 previous weeks it will not have there additional ceremony. And so that you are not too much to trust to have been faithful to this allegedly different site, we will conclude on a deserved photographic epitaph. Toxic & zord.

What in the world?? But, then, the words of an oracle derive some of their power from their obscurity, don’t they?