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The Sydney Morning Herald editorializes that the Bali bombings — which killed mostly Australian tourists — should lead to Australia’s reassessment of its links to the War-on-Terrorism®, especially as US war plans in Iraq may inflame Islamic radicalism. OTOH, columnist Tim Blair in a widely blinked op-ed piece fromThe Australian, wants to have us believe that killing terrorists wipes out terrorism. His imbecilic argument, which starts somewhere like this —

Heard anything from Italy’s Red Brigades lately? What about Germany’s Baader-Meinhof gang? Where has Japan’s Red Army been hiding? Whatever happened to the Weather Underground?

All of these terrorist organisations have more or less vanished. According to the anti-war lobby, which holds that a violent reaction to terrorism only breeds more terrorism, they should be thriving. Andreas Baader’s suicide in Stammheim Prison in 1977 should have inspired an army of followers.

— and goes downhill from there, is on the level of vituperative illogic we’ve come to expect from the American warbloggers. After the Balinese attack, the ignorant come out of the woodwork in Australia too…