Thinking Outside the (Black) Box:

Diverse psychiatric/neurobiological speculations from Medical Hypotheses:

  • Did schizophrenia change the course of English history? The mental illness of Henry VI:

    Henry VI, King of England, at age 19 founded Eton College and King’s College, Cambridge. At 31 he had a sudden, dramatic mental illness in which he was mute and unresponsive. Before, he had been paranoid, grandiose, and indecisive. Henry’s story illustrates how schizophrenia can devastate individuals and families and change the course of history and yet it raises questions about how achievement and illness are related… Medical Hypotheses

  • Mind from genes and neurons: a neurobiological model of Freudian psychology

    A hypothetical neurobiological model of Freud’s architecture of the mind is presented in an attempt to unify concepts and data derived from molecular biology (e.g., genomic imprinting), systems neuroscience (e.g., neuroanatomochemical circuitries), evolutionary psychology (e.g., human mating strategies), and Freudian psychology… Medical Hypotheses

  • Pneumoobstruction of the tracheobronchial tree as a hypothetical cause of balbuties :

    The occurrence of balbuties is a common phenomenon. Balbuties is defined as frequent repetition and lengthening of syllables and words, alternatively frequent halting with pauses impairing the rhythmic flow of speech. Balbuties may have a negative influence upon the psychic as well as social development of an individual … Medical Hypotheses

  • Thinking outside the synapse:

    Bridging the gap between the parallel, distributed processing of groups of neurons and the serial, integrated processing of higher cognitive functions is a difficult hallenge. One possible mechanism originates in the shared space of the extracellular compartment. The opening and closing of ion channels in this space produce mechanical waves, presumably in the ultrasonic range. If the broadcast signals are selectively received by target neurons, then several cognitive abilities readily emerge, including learning, memory, pattern recognition, and problem solving… Medical Hypotheses