Who is "I"?

From economist and science fiction aficionado Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal:

I have never been a strong believer that there is a single “I”. Those times when you get in the car to go to the grocery store, and find ten minutes later that you are pulling into your office parking lot: who–or what–has been driving the car in the meantime?

There is a story that Neils Bohr’s wife once at the start of a party sent him upstairs to change his tie; an hour later she found him, asleep, in bed; taking off the tie had triggered the going-to-bed subroutine[?] reflex[?] entity[?] and had overwhelmed the express conscious purpose. I remember author David Brin once saying that he could not switch from finger-typing to voice-writing, because the raconteur who spoke through his mouth was vastly inferior at plot, characterization, and structure to the writer who communicated through the hands.

My daimones–as Walter Jon Williams calls them–do boring things like drive to the office. Teresa Nielsen Hayden, however, has a daimon that makes good omelettes… [more]