A sumptuous feast:

Site for a seven-week Kurosawa and Mifune Film Series at New York’s Film Forum this summer with all-new 35 mm prints, many with new translations and subtitles. Yojimbo, Sanjuro, Stray Dog, Red Beard, The Bad Sleep Well, Drunken Angel, Throne of Blood, I Live in Fear, High and Low, Hidden Fortress and of course Rashomon and Seven Samurai. Go see them all…


New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell on the retrospective:

Kurosawa used the action genre more luxuriantly than any other director because he unleashed Mifune as a force of nature — the havoc he wrought was as frightening as we could imagine because the director allowed us to understand what Mifune’s victims were up against. Despite all the derring-do of Hong Kong martial-arts films, none of their directors ever lingered on the deadly physicality of the stars. Kurosawa let Mifune’s oaken arms say as much about his ruined amoral samurai in Sanjuro (Aug. 27-29) as the actor’s murderously swift shifts of facial expression did. NY Times

Ah, to be in New York this summer with time on my hands! In the Good Old Days, Boston’s late lamented Park Square Cinema would have a samurai film festival, oh perhaps on an annual basis, but this beats all… A new print of Yojimbo (which I watch over and over again on an nth-generation copy of a VHS tape)?? [thanks, Abby]