Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts and Sciences Alliance

Incidentalism is not a discovery, an invention or a style of art. Incidentalism is an attitude towards art, expression and enlightenment. It is a practice based upon observations and it’s aims are to maximize the enlightenment of it’s practitioners and to maximize the resonance of human expressions. It is our hope that in doing these things that our greater understanding of our lives will alow us to live more satisfied and authentic lives in a more satisfactory, just, and authentic environment.

Incidentalism is rooted in the idea that art is not an object, but rather art happens in the incident. Art happens when the actions of artists bring expressions into a state where they can be perceived and thereby can enlighten, art is in the moment of expression. It is not our purpose to use art as a tool to demonstrate our own skill and/or knowledge, rather to use art as an apparatus to provoke the incident to incite expressions that are beyond our own preconceptions. The incidentalist’s goal is to express that which is beyond their skill and or knowledge, not to educate through their work but be enlightened by it and allow these enlightening expressions to resonate unhindered.

“We” are The Incidentalists. We do not include or exclude anyone from being such. It is up to you whether or not to include yourself in our open ended “We” as is convenient for your experience, change your mind whenever you like.