Dog Dreams

Joseph Duemer’s comments in response to something from onepotmeal:

“… I have dogs, the terrier is barking downstairs at this moment & the others are stretched out in cool places around the house. Here’s my thought: Nick, don’t get a dog until you must have one. A dog is different from a child–it’s not really yours, but its own being. You can’t drown a child when you’re bored with it & you can’t drown a dog when you’re done with it, but for different reasons. It’s hard to explain, but you never really own a dog the way you own a child of your own species. You have less moral claim over a being who happens to be a member of another species because you do not share its universe. In the face of our ignorance of the the universes of other species, we ought to act with circumspection. You do not see the world the way a dog does. As for going to monasteries & all that Western crapola, I have spent my share of time in Vietnamese Buddhist monasteries & most of them have dogs. Your spiritual quest is nonsense in the face of a dog’s willingness to abide your presence. In the temples I visited, the dogs ate before the monks. Make that your practice, if you can. Or maybe, if you get a dog & then want to go off on a spiritual quest, you should drown yourself.” reading & writing