Here are some of my results for the newest Google-based net parlor game suggested to me by mark woods:

Eliot is a master of the mind

Eliot is an interactive animation environment

Eliot is excited about our “vision for the future”

Eliot is a name that refers to an individual human being who can be anyone…

Eliot is a very cerebral and weighty social critic

Eliot is a leading consultant and expert in peak performance…

Eliot is as famous as you.

Eliot is so intentionally, even perversely, difficult.

Eliot is likable and intelligent…

Eliot is easy to fault.

Eliot is very client facing, good at following a situation through to resolution and he gets things done.

Eliot is propositioned by another hot chickie

Eliot is a little more impulsive than his real-life counter-part.

Eliot is more than just an artifact;

Eliot is sitting there twenty or so years later

Eliot is slated for destruction sometime

Eliot is being not entirely serious…

Eliot is always conscious of his own efforts,

Eliot is a civilized man.

Eliot is very different than he was as a baby.

Eliot is very warm and loving. He plays well with his sister.

Eliot is too indulgent to Ladislaw.

Eliot is one way the wrong way

Eliot is being cryptic

Eliot is a true “character,” believable for all his insecurities, lovable for all his eccentricities, and memorable because he holds a part of all of us in his …