The Age of Acquiescence: “The passionate activists from the Age of Aquarius have grown up to be the new Silent Majority.” NY Times Sorry, Maureen, I know what you’re trying to do. You usually make such eminent sense. But the convenient media appeal of the hypocrisy of ’60’s survivors turned middle aged petty bourgeois or nouveau riche is the only way they cover that generation, and it just isn’t so. The earnest members of the counterculture have not lost their cynical mistrust of the government, their commitment to subversion of the dominant paradigm, and their interest in finding new and better ways to be kind in the face of the advancing oligopoly. To argue that, because “the new boss” is “same as the old boss”, nothing was achieved only criticizes an immature caricature of ‘Movement ideology which thought it would be easy. And certainly admirable, principled people still believe after Sept. 11th, and live the belief, that there’s “nothing to kill or die for”, if by quoting Lennon she meant the principled thoughtful stance that the Bush henchmen’s WoT® has been misguided, deceptive, self-serving, immoral and fruitless.