After an exchange of email, I want to make a public correction. I had previously been appreciative of self-professed ‘neoconservative’ weblogger Joe Katzman for taking notice of a ‘liberal’ blog like FmH in his Winds of Change. In this post, I mischaracterized Katzman as ” believing his brand of weblog is the only counter to the ‘dominant media culture’ ” . Actually, I was deriding Eric Raymond at the time, but I lumped Katzman in with him. However, it was an unfair caricature of his position, for while he finds it indisputable that the weblog world is a hedge against media bias it would be ridiculous to assert that it is the only one. So I hereby retract my use of the word “only” in that context. In our correspondence, we agreed to disagree about some of my other arguments, but the operative word is “agreed”. I still stand by my gratitude and admiration that here is a member of the ‘warblogging’ community who is willing to talk between sometimes warring camps.