Each year, media coverage of the wildfire season seems more and more fervent about the desperate necessity of controlling the fires and the tragedy of destruction of human property they cause. What is lost is a perspective on the fact that both forest and prairie fires are part of a vast and perennial natural cycle. Without derogating the heroism of the smokejumpers who risk their lives to fight these fires, it strikes me that humans are the interlopers in this ecological interplay. Perhaps the confrontation with such majestic natural forces should strengthen our deermination not to fight them in our hubris, but to get out of their way with humility? Is it worth the cost — in lives, in money, and to our souls — to fight as we do? I react the same way when I hear about the California mudslides each rainy season, flood damage, disastrous hurricanes… Here’s a Google search on wildfire ecology as a starting point.