“National Public Radio’s linking policy at npr.org has caused a fuss within the blog community that’s hot and getting hotter. The policy’s simply stated in two sentences: ‘Linking to or framing of any material on this site without the prior written consent of NPR is prohibited. If you would like to link to NPR from your Web site, please fill out the link permission request form.’ This is buried, of course, in a page linked to the site’s footer, but somebody noticed and mentioned it to Howard Rheingold, who passed it on to Cory Doctorow of boingboing.net. Cory wrote scathing commentary, calling the policy ‘brutally stupid,’ even ‘fatally stupid.’ The outrage is spreading; this has to be a rough day for the NPR ombudsman who’s deluged with email by now… ~24 hours after Cory’s report.” Slashdot [thanks, Walker]