I know I’ve already blinked to an article named “Welcome to 1984” but, as the saying goes, it feels a whole like more like it does now than it ever used to. With no disrespect meant to the need to respond effectively to the 9-11 attacks, perusing the newsstand headlines about “Infinite Justice”, “Enduring Freedom”, “Eternal Vigilance” or whatever it is this week begins to have a surreal feel, already, of permanent war with an ill-defined moving target of an enemy, encouraging dispatches from an ever-changing front, constant catchphrases and buzzwords. To wit, Bloomberg reports that ‘…President George W. Bush said global cooperation to root out terrorism and “isolate” Afghanistan’s Taliban regime “is gaining momentum,” and vowed to use military, diplomatic, financial and legal means.’ Meanwhile, The New York Times displays: “President Says U.S. Is in ‘Hot Pursuit‘ of Terror Group“. <a href=”http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/29/gen.america.under.attack/index.html

“>CNN says, ” President Bush said Saturday that the American people’s “patience and resolve” will be tested in a methodical antiterrorist campaign, but “the cause of freedom will prevail.”

Maybe it’s just that he needs new speechwriters, an implication one might draw from some recent Time magazine commentary. Actually, my other, post-Orwellian, association, to all the sloganeering is the disturbing and hysterical 1988 John Carpenter film, They Live. Those of you who have seen it will probably immediately know what I mean.