Amelia Earhart Plane Possibly Spotted By Satellite ‘ “There does appear to be an object on the edge of the reef, off

the western end of the island. It’s in a particularly suspicious

location…” There is a rust-colored

tint in satellite imagery pixels at nearly the spot where

fishermen visiting that area long ago reported seeing a

wrecked airplane.

…(A) 12-year investigation, dubbed The Earhart Project,

offers compelling new evidence which suggests that the

ill-fated flight reached Nikumaroro, formerly Gardner Island.

This uninhabited coral atoll is in the Phoenix Group, now part

of the Republic of Kiribati. Islands of Kiribati are low-lying

coral atolls built on a submerged volcanic chain and encircled

by reefs.

Five earlier expeditions to the remote island have recovered

artifacts, suspected of being from the lost flight…’