Aibo special: Puppy Love for a Robot: “It sounds barking mad, but people are developing
relationships with their robot dogs, as though they were
real pets.

People are adopting Sony Aibos as more convenient
alternatives for travelers and renters who are barred from
having pets. Scientists are now even studying the robots to
see if they offer some of the therapeutic benefits of animal

“Aibo owners say their robot pets aren’t just curiosities; the
metallic mutts are actually becoming family members. Leander Kahney talks about how owners can become ill
when the doggies won’t boot up and are forming support
groups.” (.MP3 audio) Doctor Fun knows all about that issue. [via Dan Hartung]

“Aibos are cute interactive pets that can provide hours of
entertainment. But can they also be used to keep tabs on
children and seniors
? Leander Kahney talks with
human-robot experts.” (.MP3 audio) Wired