Mike Pence: the Real Extremist on the GOP Ticket

Mike Pence identifies himself first as a Christian. However, despite looking squeaky-clean, down home and humble,  some of his more unique distinctions are quite un-Christian — doing nasty things to vulnerable people.

‘The irony is that Trump appears to be the extremist when he is a hollow grifter with a personality disorder. Mike Pence is the real deal.”

Pence has:

— signed a law banning abortions of fetuses with Downs syndrome and other genetic conditions and forcing a woman to bury or cremate fetal remains even after a miscarriage

— signed a law (later overturned on constitutional grounds) legalizing anti-LGBT discrimination by people, churches and businesses

— faced with a devastating HIV outbreak in a small poor Indiana town, he ignored the criris for months, opposed a needed needle exchange and only under mounting pressure from health officials, legislators and the press conceded he should go home and “pray on it.”. Still opposing needle exchange, he is rumored to have instructed the state legislature to provide so little support for similar programs in five more Indiana counties faced with HIV outbreaks as to ensure the failure of these programs.

— His other idea for the prevention of the HIV epidemic? Mandatory conversion therapy to “de-gay” people, often youth pressured by homophobic parents.

— opposed FDA regulation of cigarettes on the grounds that “despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill.”

— led GOP efforts to destroy Planned Parenthood, at one point threatening to shut down the government if funding for the organization was in the appropriations bill

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Source: AlterNet