I Won’t Eat, You Can’t Make Me! (And They Couldn’t)

English: Front view of Bathynomus giganteus De...

‘It was found in Baja California, in the water, scuttling about. It’s an isopod — a many legged, many jointed, bottom-crawler, related to prawns and crabs and it happily eats dead things. Scavengers aren’t that particular about what’s for dinner. When they find it, they eat it.

This particular isopod was big, almost a foot long, weighing over 2 pounds. In 2007, it was taken from Mexican waters and brought to the Toba Aquarium on the east coast of Japan, where it was displayed as “Giant Isopod No. 1.” At Toba, they don’t name their animals Freddy or Hiroto. They give them scientific-ish numbers. No. 1 was the first of eight captive isopods, but it was about to become the most famous animal at the aquarium.’ (Krulwich Wonders… : NPR).

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  1. wouldn’t you at some point consider this a danger to the animal and let it go? I mean, *five years*?!?!? this is not a cute story!!!


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