The Kids Are Not Alright

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‘ As Nelson Mandela has said, “there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” By that measure, our current failure to provide stronger protection of children in the face of corporate-caused harm reveals a sickness in our societal soul. ‘  —  Joel Bakan (via NYTimes op-ed).

National Parks Aren’t Theme Parks

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“More than ever, an urban nation plagued by obesity, sloth and a surfeit of digital entertainment should encourage people to experience the wild — but does that mean nature has to be tame and lawyer-vetted?

My experience, purely anecdotal, is that the more rangers try to bring the nanny state to public lands, the more careless, and dependent, people become. There will always be steep cliffs, deep water, and ornery and unpredictable animals in that messy part of the national habitat not crossed by climate-controlled malls and processed-food emporiums. If people expect a grizzly bear to be benign, or think a glacier is just another variant of a theme park slide, it’s not the fault of the government when something goes fatally wrong.”  — Timothy Egan (via NYTimes op-ed).

The History of Torture

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Why We Can’t Give It Up:   Torture had become ‘as extinct as cannibalism’ in post-Enlightenment Europe. So why has it come roaring back in the last century? (via Historynet)