How shape-shifting dinosaurs deceived us: “Dinosaurs were shape-shifters. Their skulls underwent extreme changes throughout their lives, growing larger, sprouting horns then reabsorbing them, and changing shape so radically that different stages look to us like different species.

This discovery comes from a study of the iconic dinosaur triceratops and its close relative torosaurus. Their skulls are markedly different but are actually from the very same species, argue John Scannella and Jack Horner at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana.” (New Scientist)

2 thoughts on “Morph-osaurs

  1. Tricera-stephanos 8 Aug 10 / 8.55 pm

    What is ridiculous is that since none of you were there, it is impossible for you to speak in any certainty about anything. Your research changes, and contradicts itself repeatedly. Have you ever thought that since none of you were were to track the development of a triceratops, that it might have actually been part of the developmental processes that these dino’s were the same animal in different stages of their maturity???

    Whatever. Sad is sad. No one knew a dinosaur, but you all speak as if you created them. The bible is real and true, and one of the most accurate historical and archeaological accurate resources, and science rejects it. Jesus was alive, people witnessed him, and his miracles, every major religion in the world recognizes him, in one level or another, and He was killed, but science and history refuses to accept him as truth…… very sad! I got news for you… I know what happened to the dinosaurs…. it is in the bible…..


  2. Charles 9 Aug 10 / 9.29 am

    I can’t decide whether this comment is tongue-in-cheek or head-between-cheeks. (Or maybe that’s the intention.)


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