The Politically Incorrect Guide to Ending Poverty

HONG KONG - MAY 02:  In this Handout from the ...
“In the 1990s, Paul Romer revolutionized economics. In the aughts, he became rich as a software entrepreneur. Now he’s trying to help the poorest countries grow rich—by convincing them to establish foreign-run “charter cities” within their borders. Romer’s idea is unconventional, even neo-colonial—the best analogy is Britain’s historic lease of Hong Kong. And against all odds, he just might make it happen.” (The Atlantic)

1 thought on “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Ending Poverty

  1. Charles

    That comparison to charter schools makes me a bit skeptical about this idea. The charter schools have done little beyond take money away from the public school system so that the corporations that manage them can make a nice profit while ruining the community around them.


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