2 thoughts on “Dalrymple: There Is No ‘Right’ to Health Care

  1. Whaddya mean, Doc, Wrong? Wrong in the sense that Britain’s health care system wrongs the citizens of that island, I must assume, as it certainly does so. Thanks for your perspicacious commentary–we need good thinkers as we stumble forward here in the USA.


  2. Wrong in that the fact that it might not be working perfectly in the UK has no bearing on whether or not it could be made to work here. Given the long list of industrial nations where single payer is working just fine, the preponderance of the evidence suggests we must look at such a system if we want to solve our problem.

    Now, I’m the first to admit that it probably won’t happen here. The health industry has far more influence on American politicians than their constituents do, politicians can’t break free from taking industry money as long as their opponents take it, and the greedy stockholders of that industry are not going to give up their reliable cash cows easily.


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