Spyware on Blogspot?

Beware of clicking on the ‘next blog’ button at the top of some ‘Blogger’ blogs which have the ‘Blogger NavBar’ enabled. (From Blogger: “The Blogger NavBar is a navigation bar and toolbar with a form that allows people to search just your weblog using Google’s SiteSearch and gives you the ability to check out what’s happening on other recently published blogs with one click.”) I don’t know why, in this day of low signal-to-noise ratio, anyone would want to go to a random weblog, but weblogger Alvin Borromeo reports that one of the places he reached apparently installed hijacking software as soon as he surfed there. Here and here are other reports of this. This was Blogger’s response to Borromeo:

“Thanks for your email. In this version 1.0 release of the

Blogger Navbar,the NextBlog button brings users to a random blog

that 1) has a navbar, 2) was recently updated and 3) is listed

as a public blog. Right now, it’s impossible to know what sort

of blog you’re going to land on. However, we are working on how

best to help our users avoid content they don’t want to see

along with other ideas and upgrades to the Navbar. Your feedback

is appreciated in this process.”