Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

American Troops are Killing and Abusing Afghans, Rights Body Says: “US troops in Afghanistan are operating outside the rule of law, using excessive force to make arrests, mistreating detainees and holding them indefinitely in a ‘legal black hole’ without any legal safeguards, a report published today says.

Having gone to war to combat terrorism and remove the oppressive Taliban regime, the United States is now undermining efforts to restore the rule of law and endangering the lives of civilians, Human Rights Watch says.” —CommonDreams

Six Ways Kerry Can Win

Arianna Huffington:

  • “You may share JFK’s initials, but you need to campaign with RFK’s passion.
  • Don’t pick a VP by looking at the map.
  • Don’t fall back on the tried-and-untrue swing voter strategy that has led to the prolonged identity crisis of the Democratic Party.
  • Don’t run away from your voting record.
  • Remember: He who controls the language defines the political debate. Bush Republicans’ control of certain magical words, starting with “responsibility,” has been a key to their success. You need to take back “responsibility” from the grossly irresponsible GOP.
  • Strike a new bargain with the American people. Tell them, ‘Let’s put an end to the tyranny of low expectations. You can expect a lot more of me, and I will ask a lot more of you.'” —AlterNet

Troops Rally For Regime Change Battle

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“MoveOn is now over two million people strong in the United States. This number is unprecedented in the history of hands-on activist organizations with the freedom to operate in political campaigns. As MoveOn itself points out: ‘We’re bigger than the Christian Coalition at its peak. To put it another way, one in every 146 Americans is now a MoveOn member. And we’re still growing fast.'” —Don Hazen and Tai Moses, AlterNet